Our Partners

Our partners are an important part of the Peppermint Community, offering additional products, services and expertise to our customers. Through our partner network, we can provide value-add service integrations, implementation support and solution customisation and development.

We also offer content packs in areas of law such as conveyancing and personal injury. These content packs contain workflow and document templates to automate and simplify repeatable processes, saving considerable time in matter management.


Peppermint partners with a range of legal software and legal technology experts to provide complementary products and services that integrate with Peppermint solutions. We have a number of pre-built integrations available and are constantly evaluating partners for new integration opportunities to enhance the Peppermint experience.


Peppermint work with a select number of service delivery partners with legal domain expertise. These partners provide our customers with a broad range of skills, flexibility and scale to support implementations and ongoing development. You can learn more about each partner and what they offer in our Partner Brochure.