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Transforming legal service

Alongside the much lower total cost of ownership, and greater speed and lower cost of implementation, Peppermint Technology's vision is to help our customers “be the law firm their customers want them to be”. It’s all about leveraging IT to transform customer service.

Based in the UK, we now support 40-mid-sized and large law firms on the Peppermint Cloud – optimally designed with Microsoft to meet best practice standards for service delivery. 

Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Sharepoint, our client-centric platform works as one application – sharing a single source of data – enabling legal service providers to be highly agile and client-focused in everything they do.

Peppermint CX delivers application services (accounts, practice management, case management, document management, risk management, customer relationship management and business intelligence) together with a suite of collaboration and content tools, all underpinned by a powerful workflow and business rules engine.

In December 2015, we received a multi-million-pound investment from leading venture capital firm Scottish Equity Partners.

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Attwaters Jameson Hill

Attwaters Jameson Hill

"The Peppermint team is continuously adding functionality so we are constantly progressing at a much faster pace than ever before."

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