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Gosschalks, the forward thinking Kingston upon Hull based law firm, has signed a multi-year deal with award winning legal innovator, Peppermint Technology. The deal will see the firm swap out their Advanced (IRIS) Evolution Practice Management System together with iManage document management in favour of Peppermint’s Legal Service Platform. The Platform, built on the multi-billion dollar Microsoft Dynamics & Microsoft SharePoint Platform, includes Practice, Case and Document Management, CRM and Reporting - all of which is tailored for the modern law firm.

Gosschalks, a progressive practice with 125 staff, has always been recognised as a firm leading the way in the use of technology to provide value added services to their clients. The firm has historically developed their own bespoke technology solutions to assist their clients with their day-to-day business process requirements and to make it easier for them to engage and interact with the firm. However, as the deployment of such technology becomes more wide-spread amongst their client-base, this approach is proving difficult to manage. Through their ongoing client review process, it became apparent that they needed a new software platform that could provide additional functionality and also be developed and deployed more quickly. As technology increasingly becomes central to a law firm’s service offerings, Gosschalks has seized the opportunity to take advantage of an Industry Platform with significant investment from Microsoft behind it. The result will be a better client experience delivered in a far more efficient manner. This will allow the firm to deliver a high quality experience while protecting overall profitability.

Gosschalks’ Steve Savage is leading the firm’s IT and business development strategy. He commented: "Technology should always add value and improve performance with relative ease, but too often with legacy systems this is not the case and it can end up inhibiting a firm’s progress. The Peppermint Platform is built on an industry standard technology platform that is extremely flexible and where all the complex integration issues are taken care of by Microsoft. This allows us to focus our time on developing tailored solutions to satisfy our business strategy and to constantly add value to the relationships that we build with our clients."

Gosschalks selects Peppermint TechnologyBy utilising the Platform’s extensive client centric features, including workflow tool kit, automated document production and legal online services portal, Gosschalks will re-engineer how it delivers a range of services to clients. Together, these features will allow clients and business partners to interact at a time that suits them to get progress updates, create and upload documents, process workflow and access reporting tools etc. whilst enabling the firm to cut administration costs, accelerate and extend service delivery times and provide more choice to clients.

The firm has smart and ambitious service delivery ideas that would be unachievable with traditional legal technology, however with the Peppermint Platform these can be realised.

Peppermint’s Head of Product Management, Chris Doran, added: "I’ve known Gosschalks for many years and they are respected in the market for their own bespoke technology development. For this reason I have always wanted them to join the Peppermint Community as I know they will add real value to our future product plans and other member firms. I’m excited to see how far they take the Platform in pursuit of their aspiring plans." 

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