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Award winning legal tech provider, Peppermint Technology, today announces it is to provide iManage integration with its innovative, next generation legal software platform, Peppermint CX.

iManage is the leading provider of Work Product Management solutions for legal and accounting and financial services firms and corporate departments. Used by more than 3000 firms worldwide, iManage helps streamline the sharing, governance and security of their work product.

Peppermint CX, built on Microsoft Dynamics, is the leading cloud, client-centric legal technology platform. It works as one application, sharing a single source of data, enabling legal service providers to be highly agile and client-focused in everything they do.

The integration, for which the design work is already underway, will allow Peppermint customers to use iManage as their single content store repository for all Work Product Management.

Mike Walker, Peppermint Chief Technology Officer, commented, 

”Our integration with iManage reflects the introduction of a modular approach to buying and deploying Peppermint. Peppermint has recognised that some firms may only wish to deploy certain modules of Peppermint CX, therefore this approach provides choice. One of the benefits of being on a modern, open industry platform is the ease at which you can connect other applications and content to Peppermint. Our new partnership with iManage is a great example of this”.

Geoff Hornsby, iManage General for EMEA, added,

“A number of current iManage customers are Peppermint users. The Peppermint CX integration with iManage gives customer choice to those wishing to integrate Peppermint CX with a best-of-breed document and email system”.


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Attwaters Jameson Hill

Attwaters Jameson Hill

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