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Andrew Simmans, IT and Project Management Consultant, draws on his 17 years’ experience working on legal technology projects to share how law firms can achieve the best return on their IT investments.

Allan Carton, Managing Director of Inpractice and specialist in strategy, marketing & technology for law firms, shares his tips on setting the agenda for your CRM strategy to achieve short, medium and long-term gains.

Simon McCrum draws on his decades of experience in law firm leadership to provide clarity on how law firms can refocus on the key priorities and deliver sustainable business growth.

Over the last 12 months the levels of cyber activity continue to increase month on month, as have the sophistication of attacks. Any ‘weak link’ in a law firm's operating systems and secure networks presents an increased level of being compromised. Poorly maintained legacy systems are potentially most at risk.

In the rapidly evolving legal services landscape law firms are realising they will live or die based on the customer experience and technology will play a key role in defining that. Arlene Adams shares her view on how Law Firm CIOs can solve the technology dilemma.

Differentiating on core legal services is difficult, perhaps impossible, so how does a law firm compete and win through delivering a great client experience? Andrew McMillan explains.

It’s not uncommon for law firms to be resistant to change. Caution is understandable, particularly since change often comes dressed as a complex and expensive transformation project. But it doesn’t have to be that way, as we explain.

The launch of Peppermint CX is a coming of age: delivery of core functionality in the main products; the upgrade of the base technology to the latest and greatest; more agile, and easier, product release management; and a renewed focus (signalled in the name change to Peppermint CX) on the real difference-maker: the customer-centric functionality ensuring that our customers can design business processes which have their CLIENT at the centre.

Any successful business needs to be brave enough to make decisions, embrace change and invest in technology for the longer term. Law firms are no different from other business sectors and if firms only looked outside of legal they would soon realise that.

When it comes to customer service, lawyers should think more like publicans, writes Edward O’Rourke – who began his career in pub and hotel management before becoming a corporate lawyer and eventually CEO of Ashtons Legal, a 200+ strong law firm operating across East Anglia. Ashton’s is growing strongly under his leadership, based on a reputation for excellent service. Does he have a point?

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The Peppermint Difference

Peppermint's CEO Arlene Adams and CTO Mike Walker talk about client centricity and 'becoming the law firm your clients want you to be.'



Ashtons Legal

Ashtons Legal

"The focus from Peppermint was on our clients, not just us as a law firm. Other software providers didn't do that."

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