An exciting future for cloud software in the legal sector

Matt O’Callaghan on an exciting future for cloud software in the legal sector

Matt O'Callaghan

Matt O’Callaghan spent 14 years working at Microsoft where he headed-up the legal services team before joining Peppermint. Here, he explains why he made the move and his ambitions for the company for the future.

When I first started working with legal services customers, the focus was on creating a modern workplace for their fee earners, enabling a more agile way of working by giving them access to technology from any location and on any device

As the industry progressed, conversations moved towards how the sector might be able to understand its clients better and make more informed business decisions. A real desire emerged for client intelligence – how to identify cross sell / upsell opportunities, improve client retention, improve profit margins etc.

More recently I’ve seen this evolve into a desire to transform client experience. Law firms are now implementing digital strategies to put client needs and expectations front and centre of their business priorities.

This demand from the market shaped my working life at Microsoft and ultimately led me to Peppermint. Peppermint’s platform, CX365, is built on Microsoft cloud technology enabling firms to drive efficiencies in business processes and develop innovative new services. It transforms information into insights and it does that seamlessly by using Microsoft tools. This makes the product familiar to clients and truly transformative for their business.

I was impressed by Peppermint’s investment in its customer success team. Their aim is to ensure clients not only start benefiting from the technology as quickly as possible but are also maximising its potential. This is a huge commitment and a clear differentiator that demonstrates Peppermint understands that customer success is Peppermint’s success. It also acknowledges the cultural transformation that is required when introducing a step-change of the magnitude that the technology provides.

As you can see, the opportunity to join Peppermint was compelling. My mission is now to drive Peppermint CX365 into the top 100 to 200 law firms and help them modernise, transform and grow.