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Our customers are not successful because of our software. Whilst it’s important, technology on its own will not transform a business. Our customers are successful because they leverage our software to support the delivery of their strategic transformational business goals. Our customers know that how they do business and serve their customers is how they will win; and our software tooling helps them do that. They use our dashboard functionality to understand business metrics at a glance. They use our seamless workflow technology to create process and, therefore, efficiencies and cost savings. They understand the importance of their relationships and value the data they capture to drive business development and increase their competitive edge. We hold our customers in high regard and the Peppermint team are delighted that our software solutions are helping our customers deliver real commercial and client benefit.

Neil Henderson – Director of Customer Success

Making a difference, at pace

Being the firm of choice for its clients and people, whilst impressively handling growth at pace, Blake Morgan chose Peppermint’s technology as an enabler for business success.

Serious about CRM

Leading offshore law firm Carey Olsen leverages Peppermint’s transformative technology to maximise its CRM capabilities

Implementation and beyond

ASB Law’s Managing Partner, Andrew Clinton, talks about the successful Peppermint implementation within this 150 strong law firm and working with the Peppermint team

Working in strategic partnership

Brethertons Head of MI and Software Solutions Tony Woodhouse, talks about Peppermint’s vision and strategy of leveraging core Microsoft technologies and their strong partnership with the Peppermint Team.

Buying into the future

Steve Savage, Development Director at Gosschalks Solicitors shares the key benefits and business advantage Peppermint delivers to the firm.

Delivering tangible business benefits to clients

Paul Harvey, Managing Partner at Morrisons Solicitors, tells how Peppermint’s client-centric software delivers tangible benefits to their clients and helps drive this leading South East law firm forward.

Staying ahead of the game

Mayo Wynne Baxter’s Chief Executive Chris Randall explains the reasoning behind the firm’s selection of Peppermint’s legal software platform to support this Top 200, 350-strong Sussex law firm and enable it to deliver exceptional client service and stay ahead of the game.

Business transformation supported by Peppermint

Focus on innovation and service efficiency pays off for asb law as end-year results confirm 15% revenue growth

Why Peppermint?

Hear how our customers are benefiting from business development CRM tools to gain a competitive edge.

Achieve the seemingly impossible

For Gosschalks’ Development Director Steve Savage, the strategic value of Peppermint was neatly illustrated when one of the law firm’s largest clients presented a seemingly impossible challenge to their Licensing team.

Gepp & Sons achieve a strong ROI

Gepp & Sons Implemented Peppermint in order to achieve their ambitions of expansion and progress. The firm knew their legacy system had reached the end of its useful life and they needed a new platform on which to fulfil their company goals.
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