Redefining CRM for lawyers – a modern productivity tool

Redefining CRM

Join Peppermint Technology and Microsoft on March 3rd as we look at CRM through the lens of a modern productivity application in an attorney’s tool kit. 

Candice Carr, Senior Attorney in the Corporate, External and Legal Affairs (CELA) department at Microsoft, will contribute her unique viewpoint in Microsoft’s “Modern Legal” initiative.

About Peppermint

Based in the UK, Peppermint provides award-winning legal business management software exclusively to law firms and other large legal teams. Our Client Engagement (CRM) solution is built using Microsoft technology, and is now available in the United States.

Date: Wednesday, March 3rd

Time: 9 am PT / 12 pm ET

the session

In the new era of dispersed working, law firms are increasingly looking towards modern CRM technology so their attorneys can make every touch point count towards the rich, engaging experience their clients expect.

In collaboration with Microsoft, we’re excited to introduce Peppermint Client Engagement, built on Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform, 

Rethink your expectations – this is what modern client relationship management can look like.

  • Intuitive and easy to use: address firm-wide adoption head-on
    Peppermint Client Engagement removes roadblocks to firm-wide adoption. It slots seamlessly into a familiar end user experience and connects with Microsoft productivity tools like Teams, Outlook and LinkedIn.
  • Assistive and automated: make every attorney a rainmaker
    Our no touch/low touch CRM enables fee earners in their business development activities so strong relationships help retain clients and uncover new opportunities. It supports your teams in how they want to work, on a device of their choice, without cumbersome admin.
  • Connected: create a single version of the truth
    We connect the dots for a 360-degree view of your clients. Smart integrations provide teams with the information they need to work effectively and give firm leaders and partners the right data and insights for their decisions.

Peppermint Client Engagement enables the culture change needed to make CRM successful.


Candice Carr Microsoft
Candice Carr
Senior Attorney – Modern Legal – Storyteller

Candice Carr is a Senior Attorney in Microsoft’s Corporate, External, and Legal Affairs department. She is a member of Microsoft’s Modern Legal team within the Office of the General Counsel, to help drive digital transformation and modernization within our legal ecosystem.

Matt O'Callaghan
Matt O’Callaghan
Business Development Director
Peppermint Technology

As business development lead at Peppermint, I am leveraging my deep understanding of the legal market and its unique challenges to advise law firms on how to leverage our Microsoft-based solutions so they can modernise business management processes, facilitate transformation and enable sustainable growth.