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Business intelligence and reporting delivered from a single source of data through extensive real-time dashboards and reports with dynamic drilldown, that gives deep business insight to a granular level.

Peppermint CX legal software is architected and built round a single source of data which enables highly effective business intelligence and reporting capabilities across the entire legal business.

What makes Peppermint business intelligence and reporting software different?

Every piece of data within the Peppermint legal software is connected through the client record thus always ensuring a client-centric view of the business.

Every data point is updated in real-time therefore every report is live, not updated overnight as with some other legal software systems, so you always get access to the latest real-time information. This approach transforms the business into a data-driven business gained through deep and timely insight. This insight can be quickly turned into business agility to respond to market demands and client requirements to give real competitive advantage.

Every data point within the Peppermint CX legal software platform is connected to give a 360' view throughout the law firm. These can all be surfaced via customisable and personalised dashboards, so staff only see the key data and performance indicators pertinent to them. All dashboards can be interrogated by simply clicking through to gain deeper insight to statistics and charts or to link to other areas of the Platform. For further analysis, data is easily exported to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and pivot tables.

A range of standard reports are also supplied within Peppermint CX, these can be customised or new ones created using the built-in report wizard. The wizard leads users through a step by step approach that makes creating particularly complex reports simple. Peppermint CX uses industry standard Microsoft SQL report customisation tools. This means a law firm does not have to employ specialised consultants to carry out customisation and it can take place in-house or using widely available skills in the market.

Peppermint CX legal software

Peppermint CX legal software brings together in one place all the applications, transactions, collaboration and content tools required to operate a high performing legal business.

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Morrisons Solicitors LLP

Morrisons Solicitors LLP

"With Peppermint we selected the best technology the market has to offer and a partner that shares our vision of putting the client at the heart of the business."

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