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Peppermint CX delivers legal case management software for law firms and legal businesses looking to streamline and automate business and legal processes.

Peppermint CX legal case management software is underpinned by a powerful workflow and business process management engine. This is highly effective in automating legal processes to streamline operations and ensure an efficient and professional legal service.

What makes Peppermint case management software different?

Peppermint case management software uses the industry standard Microsoft toolset which enables case management processes and workflows to be developed to a law firm’s precise requirements, either in-house or using readily available skills in the marketplace. Leveraging the Microsoft investment, law firms can be confident they will always be able to stay at the forefront of advancements in workflow and business process management tools.

Uniquely, and different from other case management offerings, the Peppermint workflow solution works across all the applications and collaboration tools within the Platform and is not restricted to case management. This translates into advanced efficiency and automation alongside improved service and for staff and clients.

This Peppermint solution has allowed many law providers to react quickly to new business and client requirements and ultimately add real value and profit back to the business. Read this real-life story about Gosschalks Solicitors to see how they developed an app in nine hours to satisfy a seemingly impossible client request.

How does Peppermint case management software add value?

Peppermint delivers quick results and value to the obvious areas of high volume, repeatable legal work such as personal injury, debt recovery and residential conveyancing, where automating processes dramatically reduce a law firm's costs. It can however be equally effective in managing matters of less prescriptive work type, such as litigation or corporate work, where it is possible to automate some routine legal tasks and help manage large complex cases. This can minimise risk, standardise service delivery and ensure compliance with legal requirements and service level agreements.

Increasingly we are seeing workflow, combined with the Peppermint business rules engine and collaboration tools, help law firm COLP and COFA officers to identify and manage risk. Information can be tracked and triggers set to provide real time alerts that can be viewed in dashboards giving instance and easy visibility of risk.

Does Peppermint provide case management software as standalone legal software?

Yes. PeppCase is available as a cloud service that delivers the same functionality as Peppermint CX’s Case Management features, and will integrate with a law firm’s existing back office practice management and document management systems. This approach removes the need to swap out a law firm’s multiple applications all at once and, if appropriate, allows law firms to implement Peppermint CX in a phased process, over a longer period of time. Other cloud service offerings include PeppCRM (Customer Relationship Management) and PeppPMS (Practice Management System).

Peppermint CX legal software

Peppermint CX legal software brings together in one place all the applications, transactions, collaboration and content tools required to operate a high performing legal business.

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Attwaters Jameson Hill

Attwaters Jameson Hill

"The Peppermint team is continuously adding functionality so we are constantly progressing at a much faster pace than ever before."

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