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A suite of engaging online collaboration tools that provide interactive online legal services to clients, partners and law firm staff.

The Peppermint CX Legal Service Platform offers a suite of engaging online and internal collaboration tools that enable law firms to provide interactive services to staff, clients and business partners. This includes self-service and self-assessment alongside recommendations and triggers based on a 'LinkedIn' style of following of a client or matter.

A full suite of internal collaboration tools is also available to support partners, fee earners and legal staff working. A law firm’s staff can work effectively across different offices, geographies and remotely, using the latest legal technology to support them. The CX Platform leverages advances in social media collaboration to make it easy for staff to be informed in a manner which is highly relevant to their role and preferences.

The Legal Online Services Portal is delivered as an integral part of Peppermint CX. The service is not intended to replace other models of engagement, but support and compliment them to give clients a choice of how and when they want to interact online.

The Legal Online Services Portal can be branded and implemented to be a core part of your law firm’s website and deliver interactive, highly personalised service to clients anytime, anywhere, 24/7.

It enables clients and partners to track progress and notes on matters, complete tasks & administration; it provides 2-way collaboration on documents, access to information and reports as well as a secure message facility.  It also connects with the Peppermint CX workflow engine to enable process automation and, importantly, the delivery of a complete client-centric legal service experience. 

Legal Online Self-Assessment tools allow a law firm to easily and accurately capture data from clients, prospects or business partners that would normally be paper-based thus improving the customer experience and reducing cost.

Self-assessment can be embedded as an interactive tool within any area of your law firm’s website or portal.  The intelligent built-in logic, business rules and workflow allows the information captured to drive tasks, actions and outcomes making it possible to offer a full range of online legal services without human intervention.

The Peppermint CX mobile app enables lawyers access to all their matters, clients and important information such as upcoming meetings, dashboards and activities. It also provides the ability to time record and post time on the move and add notes with images or other media. A list of ‘favourite’ and most recent accessed clients and matters ensures busy lawyers are as productive as possible. 

Leveraging the huge investment of Microsoft mobile design, users have a simple interface which is designed and optimised for human behaviour. Peppermint CX mobile is opening up a world of

mobile working for lawyers, enabling the Peppermint vision of anyone, anywhere, anytime on anything.

Integrating Social Insights helps legal businesses analyse social media data to identify emerging trends in people’s comments and sentiments whether they’re positive, negative, or neutral. By drilling down into the data to analyse exactly what people said, it empowers teams to proactively connect on social media with clients, fans, and critics.

The Document Hub brings the powerful capabilities of the Peppermint CX document management system into the desktop experience.  It gives easy access and a flexible means of navigating documents across the CX platform and delivers seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, Sharepoint, Word and Excel. Quick access to recent records and documents, customisable views of folder plus the ability to convert files to pdfs and attach to emails, simplifies and streamlines one of the fundamental daily activities of a law firm.  

Peppermint CX allows integrated audio, video telephony, video conferencing and instant messaging which gives the ability to share documents and a desktop in real-time, with anyone who is connected to the internet.  By combining audio, video and document sharing in a single experience this enables the delivery of an online legal consultation direct to a client's home or to a remote legal service point.

Yammer integration with Peppermint CX delivers a modern and easy to use communication and collaboration tool for use both inside the legal business and with secure external groups.

This activity board can be enabled for any type of record e.g. client, matter, opportunity, user. It lists all the activity posts – both manually and system generated to give a snapshot of what has been going on. Users can choose to ‘follow’ records to be kept informed of progress of matters, clients, new business opportunities or events and manually post on a Wall to make comments or share insight.

Peppermint CX legal software

Peppermint CX legal software brings together in one place all the applications, transactions, collaboration and content tools required to operate a high performing legal business.

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Penningtons Manches

"The single integrated platform, with the support of Microsoft, offers a unique and powerful proposition that no other product could compete with.”

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