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The Peppermint CX Legal Service Platform provides the ability to consume and present highly tailored legal content to clients, partners & law firm staff.

The Peppermint CX Platform is designed to consume and present content from, and to, multiple sources. It doesn’t have the restrictions found in legacy software that make it difficult and costly to integrate to 3rd parties. Our legal software was designed for a generation where the sharing of data is the norm and embraces Microsoft business standards to ensure the design and integrity of the data is secure.

This approach makes it easy for law firms to push knowledge to their staff in a relevant context that will improve their ability to serve clients. The same design makes it easy to on board external content into the CX Legal Service Platform from 3rd parties, such as publishers, clients, partners and agencies, all of which aids the streamlining of process and improves service levels.

The Peppermint Legal Software typical content can include:

The Knowledge Centre provides users with contextualised online help, specific to where they are in Peppermint CX.  Online help guides, provide staff with instant help and support when they need it. The ability to search for content from anywhere in the system allows law firm staff to solve their queries quickly and get on with the day job.

The Peppermint App Shop is realisation of the Peppermint vision to allow partners and clients to develop and share their application developments with each other. This approach not only widens access to innovation and features but also allows firms to get a better return on investment (ROI) on their legal software investment.

Peppermint clients also have access to Microsoft Global Market Place where thousands of applications built on Microsoft Dynamics can be purchased. These applications can be plugged into the Peppermint CX platform allowing it to use these apps in the context of their clients and matters.

This new model changes the way legal software is delivered by creating a community approach to legal software development and the legal services. The result is greater technology innovation, greater functionality, greater choice and improved ROI.

Peppermint can offer predefine legal case management packs, named Content Packs, to support the modern law firm. These can be used out of the box or firms can also use the comprehensive tool set provided in the Peppermint CX legal software to tailor the packs to suit the specific needs of their legal business.  Unlike other legal case management tools these tools are designed for technically minded business users, not software developers, so it is quick to adapt the packs to the specific needs of a law firm.

Peppermint CX legal software

Peppermint CX legal software brings together in one place all the applications, transactions, collaboration and content tools required to operate a high performing legal business.

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Wilsons Solicitors LLP

Wilsons Solicitors LLP

"Peppermint retains all of the core functions needed to sustain our individual approach whilst adding new features to enhance and extend our client service."

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