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Mobile Working for Lawyers
Mobile Working for Lawyers

Peppermint CX provides mobility for lawyers enabling them to be highly effective and agile whilst working remotely away from the office. This increases productivity and ensures improved service delivery to clients.

The need for lawyers to work ‘smarter’ is being driven by clients’ demands for a more responsive, efficient and transparent service at a competitive price point. Peppermint delivers the technology and tools to facilitate true mobile working for today’s modern lawyer.

Thanks to advancements in technology and widespread use of smart devices, remote and agile working is very much becoming commonplace in businesses and law firms alike.  

Peppermint CX facilitates and supports flexible and mobile working so in your law firm anyone can work anywhere, and at any time, using tools such as:
  •  Peppermint CX mobile app – time record, update records and notes and action and assign tasks on your smart phone or tablet whilst away from your desk.
  • Cloud deployment – Peppermint CX is delivered via the cloud from leading UK cloud provider Pulsant.  This provides highly secure access to all matter, client and other system records from anywhere.
  • Skype for Business integration enables staff and teams to keep in close contact through voice, conference and video calls, screen sharing, presence indicators and instant messaging.
  • SharePoint – the document management functionality delivered via SharePoint enables secure document collaboration amongst colleagues and partners.
  • What’s New Wall – activity feed that keeps you in touch with progress and activities for your selected clients, matters, team members, opportunities, marketing campaigns etc.
Mobile working for lawyers delivers a raft of business, as well as personal, benefits:
  •  Release pent-up productivity – time commuting to meetings is regained back as lawyers can work on the move.
  • Improve service delivery to clients – tasks are actioned quicker and matter or client details captured instantly for improved accuracy
  • Attract the best talent from a much wider resource pool. When you are not constrained to a city or region to attract talent, you are free to recruit the best lawyers and support staff regardless of their location.
  • Outsource work on an ad hoc to specialist 'project' lawyers to instantly enhance the law firm's skillset and control resource costs, whilst maintaining management control.
  • Reduced required office space and costs by moving to a ‘hot desk’ environment for mobile lawyers and remote workers.
  • Improved work-life balance, equals greater staff satisfaction and retention.

Peppermint CX legal software

Peppermint CX legal software brings together in one place all the applications, transactions, collaboration and content tools required to operate a high performing legal business.

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Mayo Wynne Baxter

Mayo Wynne Baxter

"Peppermint’s single legal software platform transforms the role of technology from being a tool that supports the firm’s operation into a strategic weapon that will accelerate our competitive advantage." 

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