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Market leading legal marketing and campaign management tools to nurture and retain existing clients, manage bids and win new business.

Built on the industry application platform, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Peppermint CX places the client at the centre of every person, activity and process in a law firm. This single source of data built around the client profile delivers a 360’ view of a client's matters, financial transactions, communications, appointments, documents, emails, relationships etc.

What makes Peppermint marketing and business development software different?

Having a single view of the client that brings together every relevant data point and is shared across the firm delivers valuable insight for marketing and business development professionals and enables them to effectively nurture existing clients and relationships to develop new cross-sell opportunities.

For new business enquiries and opportunities, Peppermint CX legal software provides market leading functionality to track and progress enquiries and bids through to new client opens and matter instruction.

Out of the box, Peppermint CX delivers marketing campaign features to create and monitor campaign tasks and activities and automatically calculate the resulting ROI in terms of new clients, matters opened and fees billed. Importing or building simple or complex marketing lists is simple to do with the user-friendly tools and ensures relevant and targeted communications.

What other benefits does Peppermint CX offer marketing and business development professionals?

Complementary offerings from the Peppermint Community App Shop can also enhance your marketing and business development toolkit, such as ClickDimensions which delivers website visitor and email tracking, campaign automation and event management and Eventbrite and GoToWebinar integration. Microsoft Social Engagement tools are also available to monitor social activity, conversations and sentiment and give proactive insight to a law firm’s social standing.

Peppermint CX legal software

Peppermint CX legal software brings together in one place all the applications, transactions, collaboration and content tools required to operate a high performing legal business.

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Gosschalks Solicitors

Gosschalks Solicitors

"We turned around a highly complex licensing application in record time. The client is delighted."

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