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Comprehensive transaction and legal accounts software to facilitate efficient financial account management within law firms.

Peppermint CX legal software offers a feature-rich, SRA-compliant, financial accounting system for law providers with a range of time recording & billing features. The comprehensive reporting tools and business intelligence dashboards deliver deep business insight to a granular level for robust financial account management and control.

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All financial data points, activities, tasks and processes are seamlessly connected to the client record and other applications and content in the CX Legal Service Platform. This approach allows you to understand the true value of each client and provide automated legal services in the most appropriate manner.

The scope of the Peppermint CX legal accounts software includes purchase ledger, nominal ledger, and credit control, to provide compliance across all legal business areas:

  • SRA accounts rules
  • Jackson reforms
  • SRA code of conduct
  • Proactive risk management based on law firm criteria.
  • AML
  • Lexcel

The CX Legal Service Platform enables you to track accurate time and cost metrics by providing various time recording methods to suit the individual needs of different parts of the legal business. These extend from manually completing electronic time slips, the use of on-screen stop clocks, right through to automatically generated time entries for billing using the Platform’s workflow and business process management engine. 

In addition to recording the data necessary to run the law firm, fee earners and bookkeepers can also record phases and tasks to comply with UTBMS, client specific and Jackson requirements.

Peppermint CX billing and time recording legal software is not limited to just recording time against matter records. Any record can have time recorded against it, e.g. projects, new business enquiries, marketing campaigns, bids, pitches, draft billing etc. which means that the true cost of each element of the law firm’s activities can be analysed.

The powerful reporting dashboards within Peppermint CX ensure time and cost data can be surfaced in real time and presented in a personalised format for the individual (fee earner/accountant) or department requirements. This powerful reporting capability is what transforms a law firm into a client-centric, data-driven legal business.

Yes. PeppPMS is available as a cloud service that delivers the same functionality as Peppermint CX’s practice management features, and will integrate with a law firm’s existing legal software systems.  This approach removes the need to swap out a law firm’s multiple applications all at once and, if appropriate, allows law firms to implement Peppermint CX in a phased process, over a longer period of time. Other cloud service offerings include PeppCRM (Customer Relationship Management) and PeppCase (Case Management Software).

Peppermint CX legal software

Peppermint CX legal software brings together in one place all the applications, transactions, collaboration and content tools required to operate a high performing legal business.

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Gosschalks Solicitors

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