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Peppermint CX offers real time and transparent compliance & risk management based on a single source of data enabling the pro-active management of risk.

Peppermint CX legal software is built on a single, law firm-wide, source of data so it can constantly track and interrogate data in real-time to proactively facilitate risk management and compliance. This is unlike disparate legal systems using multiple data source which make risk management a difficult and time consuming task for a law firm’s COLP.

What makes Peppermint legal compliance and risk management software different?

The granular nature of the data, together with the simplicity of the reporting tools, allows firms to identify data trends that represent risk and helps manage them effectively. Real-time and rule based data means there is no need to only depend on the constraints of pre-defined data reports. If the data exists, it can be analysed and reported instantly based on a set of rules and workflows. The more data you gather – the more powerful and insightful your data becomes in identifying risk from patterns and trends.

Law firms can use the advanced dashboard and toolset to create personalised COFA and COLP dashboards, and track and manage any other risk it defines. Simple click through tools enable instant interrogation of the data behind the dashboards to give further insight into the issues.

Peppermint risk management goes beyond the limitations of bolt-on risk management solutions designed to flag pre-defined events. Instead Peppermint CX can turn an onerous burden into an effective pro-active process that uses machine learning to identify and deal with issues before they materialise. Often risks can change when internal or external environments or processes change so Peppermint delivers legal compliance and risk management tools that are flexible, agile and simple to customise.

What about GDPR compliance?

Previously, The Peppermint Team have held webinars and published papers on GDPR and security modelling for our customers. These resources were created to inform our Peppermint Community on any PeppCX customisation decisions they may wish to include for GDPR compliance. As described in our GDPR Blog, one of the benefits of PeppCX being built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that there are many options for customisation. Firms can customise their PeppCX solution with bespoke fields, workflows, and business rules on forms based on their interpretation of the GDPR legislation to help them achieve compliance.

Besides options for customisation, we have also built in functionality to the latest release of PeppCX to assist our customers act on some key requirements of GDPR:

GDPR consent fields

Three new fields have been added to the PeppCX Contact forms to assist firms in recording consent for use of data. These fields allow firms to capture if consent has been given and the date it was given, as well as indicate the reason for data storage.

DSARs, Data Extraction and Anonymisation

PeppCX is built upon a single database with a single source of data. This allows the PeppCX PMS tools to identify all personal data within the database to respond to Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs.) DSARs, their due dates, and outcomes can be actioned and tracked by authorised users within PeppCX to help firms comply with requests in the required timeframes.

Because a DSAR can be for either an extraction or a removal, we’ve also included an automated extraction/anonymisation mechanism in PeppCX, which will assist firms in enforcing their policies pertaining to the individual rights of access, data portability and the right to be forgotten under GDPR. Authorised users in a firm can specify the data that should be included in their data anonymisation or extraction processes. The anonymisation removes all personal data for the Data Subject, while the extraction process will provide a file containing the data relating to the individual in a readily exportable format. Upon successful completion of either the anonymisation or extraction process, the DSAR request record is automatically updated with the status and actioned date.

Peppermint CX legal software

Peppermint CX legal software brings together in one place all the applications, transactions, collaboration and content tools required to operate a high performing legal business.

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