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Peppermint CX delivers Legal Workflow & Business Process Management (BPM) Software to streamline legal processes and manage risk.

Workflow & Business Process Management (BPM) unpins the entire Peppermint CX Platform to deliver efficient and professional legal services, financial account management, marketing campaigns, online services, risk management and compliance.

What makes Peppermint Workflow & BPM different?

Unlike other legal software workflow, Peppermint CX legal workflow & BPM isn’t restricted to case & matters – it spans the entire breadth of the Platform to deliver efficient service across the legal business. It can be utilised in multiple departments such as: legal accounts & finance, credit control, marketing & business development, bid management, compliance & risk management and human resources.

Built on the open industry application platform, Microsoft Dynamics, Peppermint CX enables technically minded, business people (not coding developers) to develop, modify or enhance workflow using a drag and drop, point and click interface. The result is greater speed and agility when it comes to developing or changing your legal business processes.

How does Peppermint workflow & BPM add value to a law firm?

This powerful business rules engine can also be used to build and deliver effective automated legal services. When combined with the business rules engine the CX Platform can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to help drive the design and delivery of highly personalised services, 24/7, in a consistent manner and often without fee earner intervention.

Links to 3rd party legal partners’ data sources, and web services, is simple using the open connectivity of Peppermint CX. This streamlines processes and reduces costs.

Peppermint is built within the open Microsoft CRM Dynamics framework. This approach allows legal providers, consultants and Peppermint business partners to benefit from sharing workflows and ‘mini app’ development across the wider Peppermint Community. This widens choice and access to innovation and features, while giving clients the opportunity to improve the return on their legal software investment.



"Peppermint's online legal service portal and flexible case management tools give us the tools to provide the best possible experience at the right price point."

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