Complete Matters up to 30% faster using the new Peppermint CX and InfoTrack Integration

Peppermint Technology rolls out seamless, two-way integration with InfoTrack bringing enhanced automation and efficiency for firms.

Peppermint is pleased to announce today that it is now providing seamless integration with InfoTrack. This functionality allows law firms to access and automatically populate the InfoTrack platform with matter data from their Peppermint solution in real time. This saves firms time and drives increased margin when performing their conveyancing, particularly during pre and post-completion tasks, including SDLT and AP1 forms.

Importantly, Peppermint CX works seamlessly with InfoTrack to automatically send documents and results back into Peppermint CX for contacts, clients or matters, including the automatic creation of documents into SharePoint. This means that firms no longer have to manually create and save these documents, increasing speed and efficiency in their processes. Firms can embed this integration into their existing processes using the out of the box collaboration tools in Peppermint CX such as Workflow, Dialogs & Matter Case Plans. This means firms can benefit from using the integration without having to alter their existing business processes, reducing disruption.

Tom Willis, Product Manager from Peppermint Technology says

‘‘Integrating with InfoTrack gave us the perfect opportunity to offer our clients a single touch point for a multitude of different conveyancing tasks as an efficient alternative to multiple integrations or processes. The integration can be easily embedded into existing processes within Peppermint. Additionally, it gives you the ability to both push and retrieve data from InfoTrack combined with the Peppermint workflow. This efficient combination, along with the automation tools, has the potential to provide our users with huge time savings.’’

Phil Whitehead, GM of Alliances at InfoTrack, says

‘‘Conveyancing is a particularly admin heavy area of law, that’s why we want to provide clients with technology that delivers to their needs, creating efficiencies and time savings wherever possible. We are pleased to introduce this real-time, two-way integration with Peppermint, offering clients industry-leading technology that allows them to reduce the time it takes to complete a matter by 30%. With clients becoming increasingly focussed on service and communication, providing them with technology that enables them to focus on the areas where it is needed, is imperative.”