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2016 Legal Service Research Report

Peppermint Research Report: How law firms measure up against other sectorsFor the last five years, Peppermint has carried out research into how law firms can make the transition to become the legal businesses their clients now expect. 

This year's legal research report "Benchmarking Legal Services" examines the progress law firms are making on their journey and when compared to similar industries, suggests they are not moving fast enough and where they can improve.

How do law firms measure up against other sectors in this research?

This benchmarking study pulls together desk and primary research across a variety of markets including Accountancy, Financial Services, Retail, Insurance and Consultancy, to reveal where law firms are lagging behind in the critical areas of customer satisfaction and business innovation.

Key research findings include:

  • Legal services achieved the lowest customer satisfaction score compared to other sectors.
  • 1 in 5 law firms make a loss, with 13% being "close to ceasing to trade".
  • 60% of law firms do not seek regular customer feedback.
  • Law firms invest less on IT as a % of turnover than firms in financial services, accountancy or consultancy.
  • 30% of law firms have not introduced any new initiatives in the last 2 years.



Authored by Legal Futures’ Editor Neil Rose this Peppermint Legal Research Report makes for a compelling read for law firm leaders.

Download your FREE copy of the 2016 Peppermint Legal Research Report 

To download your FREE copy of the 2016 Peppermint Legal Research Report "Benchmarking Legal Services" please click the download link below. As an extra bonus, we have also included download links to the previous two research reports.

Peppermint Legal Research Report "Benchmarking Legal Services"


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For key facts and statistics from this year's legal research report "Benchmarking Legal Services", take a look at our infographics here, for an instant view of the results that matter!

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