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The Industry Application Platform (IAP) for the modern legal business

The Industry Application Platform (IAP) is the next evolution in the global technology industry. Driven by the global industry technology giants such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM and Salesforce, this approach removes the complex integration issues associated with a growing array of software whilst adding tangible benefits and value to a modern legal business.

What is platform technology and why is it important to the legal industry?

Peppermint Industry Technology Platform white paper

The breadth and depth of legal technology is now so vast that the investment required for developing, integrating and maintaining a range of legal software applications is significant. In many instances law firms are spending a disproportionate amount of IT investment on simply making sure all their legal business software applications continue to work together. This problem is increasing as new technologies emerge at a rapid pace.

Our whitepaper explores the technology issues faced by today’s legal providers and why the emergence of the Industry Application Platform (IAP) is so important in solving them.


Thoughts from Arlene

Arlene Adams, Peppermint Technology founder and CEO 

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