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Legal Platform

With Outlook integration, mergeable templates and automation of repeatable tasks, the creation and management of documents and emails has never been simpler. Ethical walls and robust audit and versioning, combined with the security of cloud and SharePoint, keep data secure whether at a desk or on a mobile device.

Security and flexibility for effective management of documents and emails

  • Create and manage templates for frequently produced documents, and easily merge in client and matter information
  • Simplify court document production and bundling through integrations with Oyez and Zylpha
  • Security profiles at team and individual levels enable secure and simple ethic wall functionality
  • Document versioning and check in/out make it simple to track changes and activity
  • Integration with Outlook means emails can be created and saved to client and matter records without having to leave your inbox
  • Automation of tasks such as approval routing and electronic signatures saves time for your firm and your clients
  • Mobile enabled for securely accessing documents on the go Clients and partners can benefit from instant service by means of unattended document production and secure online publishing
  • Collaborate and streamline management of documents including fully audited, multiple real-time live editing of document enables faster turnaround
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We leverage the capability and innovation of Microsoft technology in our solutions


Our solutions are hosted in the highly secure and scalable cloud


Our partners provide additional value through integrations with our solutions

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