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Peppermint CX – Centred on the client

Peppermint CX is a cloud-based, all-in-one legal service system that provides comprehensive CRM, financials, case and practice management functions – all delivered through a client centric lens. It gives law firms the ability to automate routine processes, freeing up time to deliver more value to clients.

Peppermint Technology


Introducing Peppermint CX - and why it matters

Peppermint CX - and why it matters

The launch of Peppermint CX is a coming of age: delivery of core functionality in the main products; the upgrade of the base technology to the latest and greatest; more agile, and easier, product release management; and a renewed focus (signalled in the name change to Peppermint CX) on the real difference-maker: the customer-centric functionality ensuring that our customers can design business processes which have their CLIENT at the centre.


Peppermint rolls out major upgrade with the launch of Peppermint CX

Peppermint Technology has announced a major software upgrade with a raft of enhancements leveraging the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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Ashtons Legal

Ashtons Legal

"The focus from Peppermint was on our clients, not just us as a law firm. Other software providers didn't do that."

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